Saturday, November 10, 2007

when friday feels like saturday

I went out Thursday night to see the Brand New Heavies, went out for some drinks, and then stayed up late with a cup of tea and good company. So, Friday morning felt a bit like a Sunday. Fuzzy, dreamy, a funny tummy feeling, a desire to lie in bed all day long. But, it was Friday, filled with time to do my favorite things.

Time for making things, like belly buttons! Then time for reading After Dark, by Murakami. And then time to go to Chef Meili, to be a foodie with Dan.

Dinner looked like this:

Pumpkin soup with salmon and prawn mousse

Grilled lamb chop, duck confit, and thyme fettuccine

Nougat mousse with cherry sauce

I can't even talk about how good dinner was, you'll have to go check it out for yourself. Dessert was the best part. Chef Meili is located near exit 4 of Itaewon Station. Make a left out of the exit and go towards Gecko's. Chef Meili is on the second floor at the corner.

After dinner, I met up with the Metropolitician and Shanti, and we played in Itaewon, recording the sights and sounds of Homo Hill. For a good time go hang out with Paul of Always Homme. He was my favorite bit of the evening. Night made its way towards morning, and I, of course, found myself at Queen. A night on the hill wouldn't be complete without some late night shenanigans at Queen before I finally make my way to my bed. Then... Sleep, sleep, dream, and sleep.

I woke up today, feeling like it was Sunday... again. Fuzzy, dreamy, a funny tummy feeling, a desire to lie in bed all day long. But today is Saturday. Oy vey, I love my life.


Jon Allen said...

What a great day, the pictures are making me drool.

I never got to meet the Metropolicitian.

Your blog came up on Blogrush from my blog, and also took me to Gdog's!
It's a small world.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great for you!
I wish I could go to Queen.
Was escorted out of there because I looked like someone from the "Middle East."
Then I was verbally threatened by a bartender there because I spoke up for my rights.
Oh well, it's all water under the bridge.
Glad your life is great!

misskoco said...

I recently heard from a friend of mine about Queen, and B1's, racial profiling. Being biracial many people often think that I'm from the Middle East, Egyptian, possibly Hispanic... basically any ethnicity/nationality that fits into the "brown" category But I haven't ever had any problems getting into Queen.

While I completely believe my friend's story about her Peruvian friend that wasn't allowed in to Queen, I'm pretty shocked and I really don't want to believe it. This truly has bothered me since I'm friends with Keith, one of the guys who owns the bar, and I wouldn't ever think that he'd allow for something that.

I'm sorry that you had a shitty experience there, whoever you are.