Thursday, November 01, 2007

i heart nancy lang

One of the highlights for me at the Seoul Collection Spring/Summer '08 show was meeting performance artist Nancy Lang, the self-proclaimed piece of walking Pop Art.

She was there along with her cat, Coco Channel. I might add that her Coco is not a real live cat, but a stuffed animal. It's a bit strange for an adult to have stuffed animals, take them with them into public and more over, to take them to this kind of fashion event, but it was kinda cool.

Pictures /사진 by FMS

She's an artist--and adorable--so she can get away with it. It was very cool to meet her and she was so fabulous I really hope it's not the last time we get to chat. I left her wanting more, more, MORE! I wish Nancy had a blog so I could get regular updates on what she's doing, thinking, taking pictures of, eating... I think I'm in love.

For more pictures and coverage of Seoul Collection S/S '08 see Seoul Fashion Week (part 2) and Seoul Fashion Week (part 1) at

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