Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Doosan: art & dance

I went to the Doosan Art Center to see Asia Central America Dance Exchange and Tommi Kitti perform. The first group was pretty good.
"A group of young and fresh choreographers from different backgrounds and nationalities create an original work reflecting their experience of a 6-month dance residency program in Seoul from May to October 2007. Thai music and traditional dance, Indonesia’s Flores dance, contemporary dance, and Mexican pop music collapse into a work that explores cutting edge ideas and a new concept of multi-national collaboration. The production reflects thoughts and ideas on “what is the ‘contemporaryness/contemporaneity’ of the third world contemporary dance and performing art?” and is also inspired by Korean traditional dance, including Chaesang Sogo Choom (hat twirling dance), Bongsang Mask Dance, and Drum Dance."
There were a few really strong dancers in the group that made it a truly enjoyable and inspiring experience. They did a good job of highlighting and bringing together their different backgrounds through dance. They were also kinda silly. The two performances were part of the 10th Seoul International Dance Festival which is still on untill October 27th. So, go check it out.

big boy
Doosan Art Center is also showing China Big Boy, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Chinese artists. Some of the pieces are really funny. I don't know if I was just taught to always see the humor in art or what, but I had to try so hard to hold it together in the gallery and not bust out laughing when I was looking at some of the Chen WenLing sculptures. They were great!
big boy little ajjuma

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