Sunday, September 09, 2007

week in review

I filled the days of this past week with lots of my favorite things and the universe sprinkled a few lovely surprises on top to make it, overall, phenomenal.
On Monday, I went with a friend to a fashion event to celebrate Ji Haye and welcome her design house to Seoul from Paris. The party was at her studio in Samcheongdong, one of my absolute favorite areas in Korea for its chic contemporary sensibility mixed with traditional architecture and landmarks. The people in attendance included models, diplomats, well-known actresses, filmmakers, and the like. The champagne was flowing, the people were fascinating, there were cameras at every turn, and the clothes.... OH! THE CLOTHES! Ji Haye designed some beautiful garments. Her focus in Seoul is on high fashion wedding dresses and men's wear. I fell in love with one of the bags she had and a couple of her jackets. I left quite inspired, and very much in awe.

On Tuesday, the cleaning lady came. I love my new apartment and coming home to it sparkling clean and tidy made it feel like a palace. For the first time in years I LOVE my apartment.

On Wednesday, after a "long day" of work (two 75 min. classes), I had an very enjoyable warm goat cheese and almond salad (that I had been dreaming about all day) and the perfect dinner companion to share it (and my chocolate mousse) with.
On Thursday, I went to an art opening for Nakhee Sung at One and J. Gallery. Upon walking up to the gallery I immediately saw someone I met at the Ji Haye party earlier in the week and a couple of people that I've met before, but haven't seen in some time.
It felt really comforting and made the whole event that much more fabulous. The gallery space itself is quite nice with a patio, two floors, and a couple of rooms on each floor. The electro-alternative/indie pop dj playing was the sister of the artist and the music complimented the visual art well. Sung's abstract paintings looked a lot like circuit boards and a bit influenced by graffiti. Her work has been shown all over the world, including at the Venice Biennale and the Singapore Biennale in 2006, so it was a treat to see a Seoul local who is internationally appreciated. To compliment the art there were some beautiful people in attendance, including a couple of sisters who allowed us to take pictures of them for FMS. The owners of the gallery are fantastic, charming, and fun guys who come off as articulate art professionals but not snobby and aloof weirdos as many often do. All in all my favorite kind of people and exactly the kind of creative environment I thrive in.

Last night, Friday, after a rooftop BBQ, I went to The Spot in Apgujeong. I rarely go south of the river, but it was a lovely night and an experience well worth crossing the Han for. The Spot is a nice venue with a lot of space. It definitely appeals to the locals that like things to at least pretend to be upscale. It's huge in comparison to clubs in Hongdae that stuff hundreds of people into little basements. At The Spot they even have a pool, which is nice, but kind of pointless since I'm sure it probably never gets used. There are many little rooms and places that all seem to be "VIP Areas" but actually aren't. I, once again, randomly bumped into a lot of people I haven't seen or talked to in ages. Like a woman I worked with my first year in Korea and a guy I met my first week in the country. I also ended up meeting lots of new people, exchanged a few cards, and talked to people I don't know, AND actually enjoying the conversations--which is rare.

I had dinner or brunch with my favorite ladies a few times this week. We had tea, made food, ate homemade baked goodies (courtesy of Zaza), watched episodes of America's Next Top Model, discussed future plans for great parties, events, and activities that excite me beyond words. I really love these people in my life.

In the mornings I wake up without an alarm. I have yoga on the rooftop or I go running in my neighborhood before I go to work. The weather has been pleasant, and I've been waking up happy to meet each day. And I wonder, what's in store for next week?

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