Sunday, September 30, 2007

weekend blah

Krafty Kuts played at Air, the old Garden in Apgujung, on Saturday night. The renovations make the place look completely different, but I liked the old space. It was fun to jump around and dance with Haelan, to shake it with Charles, and catch up with random friends I bumped into, but the drinks were way overpriced (20 bucks for a mojito, I don't think so) and it got kinda dull after a bit.
What ended up being the highlight of our Apgujung outing, and the whole night overall, was being ghetto fabulous and ridiculous in front of the Haagen-Dazs with Jackie. A can of silly string was involved.

We decided to head back to good 'ole Itaewon to see what was going on. Turns out that Homo Hill was the place to be in Seoul on Saturday night. It was like the Gay Pride Parade that Korea had never seen before. And still, I wasn't very entertained. I continued to drink, thinking that would help to make things more exciting. It just made me more drunk and annoyed.
When I woke up sometime in the early afternoon I felt the full effects of last night's experience. My organs were mad at me. All of my dreams were about food, large amounts of food. I woke up hungry... thinking that I might have been better off staying home, reading my book, and eating ice cream.

I feel at times that my life is simply a collection of distractions (drinking, watching movies, going to another party where I see most of the same people, facebook) or irritating necessities (work, taking public transportation here or there, to do lists, email, etc.) and the only real bits are the few hours a week I spend doing yoga, running, or dreaming.

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