Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ridiculous in hongdae

One way or another, somehow, somewhat against my will and totally against my better judgment, I ended up at a luxury noraebang (singing room) in Hongdae, with a belly full of kalbi (meat) and a cocktail in hand. It was late, way late, but Leo and I had all intentions of indulging in our ultimate guilty pleasure: being cheesy and loving a large unhealthy dose of JT. After singing Sexy Back a few too many times, I broke out Fly Me to the Moon, my personal best when it comes to Korean noraebang songs, and then it was really time to go home.

We stopped in a convenience store before catching a cab, and that's when I realized that I didn't have my wallet. I traced my steps and it was nowhere to be found. The good news is that I didn't flip out. I just went home and canceled all my cards, then stayed up with Charles and laughed a whole bunch about ideas for an upcoming themed event we're planning. All good.

However... The moral of the story: NO MORE NORAEBANGS! Don't get sucked in when you know you should just go home. They're ridiculous.

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