Monday, September 03, 2007

new faces

That funny fall feeling has washed up again. The new semester starts with a bang, 150 new students, meaning 150 new names to remember, new faculty, a new schedule in my pocket, and a new computer on my desk. Hyehwa has changed too, again, with new shops popping up all over the place. A recently opened Krispy Kreme greeted me with a smile as I stepped off the bus. It just showed up over night it seems. Everything feels untainted, crisp, ready to be something different, full of potential, like the first page of a notebook.

But I always say this. I shouldn't get wrapped up in the romantic back-to-school feelings that go along with September. In two weeks it will all be routine. It's the same old thing just packaged in a different container.

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emiel emanuel said...

reading about it makes me miss it. i hope you have a great semester. toronto is treating me well, but i'm not sure there'll ever be anything like heywha in my life again.