Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yellow Submarine

Mr. C and I stopped by the The Yellow Submarine for their grand opening. This new hot sandwich shop comes to you from the same people who own Indigo in Haebongcheon. For their first day open Joe had free beer and cake, made by the lovely Zaza, for everyone. The lemon cake had marshmallow and pineapple in the middle, which was surprisingly tasty.I was eager to see the place open since the Nabi ladies had spent all week painting it.
I've only tried one of their sandwiches, the chicken cheddar, but it was quite nice, reasonably priced and comes with those great kettle chips.
The Yellow Submarine is located across the street from Noksapyeong Station, exit one. When you exit walk straight for a long block to the underpass. You will see The Yellow Submarine across the busy street as you walk towards the underpass. Take the stairs on the right going up out of the underpass. It's about a half a block up the street. Can't miss it, it's big and yellow!

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