Friday, September 21, 2007

i love the cleaning lady

Charles and I thought it would be best for our roommate relations if we got a cleaning lady. And it has done more than make things run smoothly around the apartment. All that noise I usually have in my head about how I need to do this or that or the laundry or scrub the tub--it's all gone! Each week, when I come home on Tuesday afternoon my bed is perfectly made, the whole place sparkles and smells clean, everything is perfectly lined up (like the forks in the cutlery drawer) neat and tidy, and I fall in love with my apartment and the cleaning lady all over again.

Last week she organized the clothes in my closet and folded everything in a manner which made me never want to touch them ever again. Who needs to wear a t-shirt when you can just admire it happily sitting in a perfect stack in the closet?

Thanks cleaning lady, you're the best.

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