Friday, September 14, 2007

Dinner @ Dan's

Thursday, a dinner party at Dan's!

Dan is officially my favorite new person. He has great taste--in wine, food, etc.-- and is one of those characters who does everything. Dan is a fun, artsy, intellectual... he's fascinating.

He made some really fantastic food. We moved through the meal in courses. First a simple DIY bruschetta and some edamame. Next was a salad with toasted almonds, pears, and a honey balsamic dressing. The main course was a salmon curry with green beans on cous cous. Three bottles of red later we had chocolate cake (by Zaza) and played some wii. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but playing that wii was tons of fun.
I think we are going to have to make this dinner party thing a weekly event. It was so so so good.

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coming clean said...

Wow, that cake looks delicious. You would definitely need to play a bit of Wii to work off the calories from that ;)