Monday, August 27, 2007

now in new york

Oh New York, you are filled with so many things to do! In the past week I:

*went to ñ for tapas and flamenco
*met Adam's fabulus guy and we all went for karoke in Chinatown
*shopped in SoHo all afternoon
*saw my sister's office and joined her for "pasta friday"
*went to Barcade in Williamsburg and played Centipede
*helped my sister move out (a little)
*went to Governor's Island to see DJ Rekha
*kissed Debbie & Chris goodbye and wished them well
*checked out the Spiegeltent and Turntables on the Hudson with Phil and Tisha
*met Eleni's man, Sam
*saw the new show at the National Museum of the American Indian
*had a cosmo at the gayest bar in mid-town, Vlada Lounge
*ate delish Indian on 5th street in the East Village with Rose and Jenn
*met up with Eric at a great wine bar, Veloce
*bought heaps of yogi tea, and I think I'll get some more before I go
*walked in and out of two great yarn shops without buying anything
*bumped into a guy I went to summer camp with on the N train
*have been having the best time with my favorite people in a city I'll always adore

I have a few days left, I don't want to leave, but there is a bit of unfinished business I have to take care of back in Korea (the rest of my contract) before the party can go on.

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