Monday, July 02, 2007


Ok, I usually save shoe content for, but I'm pretty PG over there. So...

A wise woman told me once that the first thing any woman should do after a break up is buy a pair of "fuck-me" heels/boots. These should be the sexiest, possibly the biggest splurge of your life, and the most fabulous shoes ever! You need them, and yes, yes, yes, YES, they will make you feel better. They will hurt your feet more than the pain in your soul, and remind you with every step that you will get through whatever shit you just went through... cause you have the hottest shoes ever made on your feet, and they are going to take you places. You are going places. Slowly, but surely, you will strut away from what-ever-his-name-was and all the memories that went with him.

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So, here's what I'm talking about. I think these are Japanese. They're ridiculous. Whatever. With a little school girl black mini-skirt and and simple tank top.... Oh, I think an outfit like that could cause accidents.

The other thing that helps is a bit of saucy late night shopping. You might call it SWT, Shopping While Tipsy---it's better than drunk dialing (not by much, but it's still better). It's not easy to find shoes of the true "fuck me" variety in Korea. Seriously, everything has a butterfly or a bow on it. I wanna vomit sometimes things are so cute. However, during my SWT adventures I have come a cross a few that, by Korean standards, could work.

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A new store, called MANO Paris, opened in Hyehwa right near my place. They're open late, REAL late, which is REALLY bad for me. I get home and instead of a late night snack, it's a late night pair of 29,000W shoes. I think what I like about this store the most is that they have the same shoe in different colors. I want the same shoe in many colors. I want these wedges in red, in blue, and in black. That would look cute in my life.

**this post is dedicated to V. Smith, the aformentioned "wise woman"


waitingforgoulet said...

You think that's bad.

And that was the state of my shoe collection 3 years ago--not including my boots. Much worse than a crack habit.

waitingforgoulet said...

You think that's bad. BEHOLD:

And edited-down version of my shoe collection (excluding boots, color/style repeats, etc) from 3 years ago meaning I now own well in excess of 80 pairs of shoes. Much, much worse than crack.