Tuesday, June 19, 2007

life without dirty dishes

dishesI love baking. I hate dirty dishes. I'd do a lot more in my life if I had magical powers to make things like dust bunnies disappear. I make to-do lists... for the intern. I've been doing this for years. I often think about all the things I would be if I were simply independently wealthy. I feel that if someone were to invest in me--like back in the day where people just decided to become someone's benefactor so that they could just be fabulous--that I'd do extraordinary things and it wouldn't be a waste of any of the funds. Of course, I don't have an intern, or a maid, or a personal assistant, or special powers, BUT IF I DID... the world might just be a better place. For you, and for me.


Anonymous said...

Amen girl! Aint that the motherfuckin' truth!?

puccagrrl said...

Doesn't look so bad to me... :-)

puccagrrl said...

I mean, after a weekend of scrambled eggs and muffins and things with blueberries, my sink is a disaster zone... we could all use a helper!