Friday, June 08, 2007

hilariously late

I meant to post about the things I knit this past winter months ago. Now it's t-shirt weather and finally I'm getting it all together, but here we go. Here is Emiel's chunky eggplant hat, hilariously late.

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Emiel wanted a hat that covered his ears because they get cold when he goes snowboarding. He wanted a chunky yarn that would go well with his outfit. I had the perfect yarn in mind. I had one ball left at home, but I was pretty sure I'd need another ball of it to make a full hat. When I went to the store, they only had it in hot pink. In the end it came together with just enough yarn and I think Emiel liked it. This is his intense snowboarder look.

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Anonymous said...


I thought it was time I stopped "stalking" your blog and left comments now and then ;D

I have a knitting blog--which I'm not sure I ever shared with you... haha

Take care, girl.