Sunday, May 20, 2007

nippleplay (cont.)

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I'm still out there distributing golden nipples! Some time ago, I found myself at the Loft (for the first and last time), with another Koco, well, Miss Coco Shin to be more exact. The greatest and strangest part about our meeting was that she already knew who I was. I think that's really fantastic and a bit strange. Coco was there with her outrageous friend Ernie. She snapped a couple pics of him modeling some magnetic nipples on his chain. They do suit him!

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This rock star, Yozoh, is beautiful, fabulous, and all about the nipples! She's playing with her band at Bar Nana on June 1st. Kevin was also into playing with my nipples. Apparently he likes to bite.

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My first batch of golden nipples I hand painted. The gold wasn't the gold I had imagined in my mind, so I sprayed the second batch with enamel. Below we have Jess showing off one nipple from the first batch on the right and one from the second on the left.
For all the nippleplay documentation go here. To make a donation to the organization that all the proceeds from nippleplay are given to, go here. AND if you want a golden nipple, go here.

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IDesign said...

seriously cute. I like the gold nipples.