Monday, April 30, 2007

good design

I went to my friend Haelan's show, nicely planned trip at Studi-oh! in Hongdae. She's showing some of her design work. I love what she's doing with used bottles and the work she's creating a way to deal with all the wires we have in our life.

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Haelan's fashion solution for all your mp3 player's wires--buttons to wrap the cord around!

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These clever household items are made out of alcohol bottles. The green glasses are made out of large beer bottles and hold beer from a small bottle perfectly.

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Haelan's design buddy, Kwangho Lee, made these vases out of stacks of mugs, cups, and glasses. They aren't attached, which makes them a bit dangerous, but I love the idea and the look.

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Haelan's solution for all the wires coming from your computer--weave them through the holes in this table!

Check out more of her work at her website:

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