Saturday, January 27, 2007

mistakes & more oddities

Everyday is an adventure. What will I discover today? I never wake up thinking something like, "Today is the day I'm going to find a baby shaped vibrator," or "I think I'll go to the WellBing Mart." Yet, somehow, these things become part of my bizarre little reality.


This grocery store is in the Itaewon area. I love how they figured out that they had made a mistake and decided to try to fix it, but they didn't make a new sign, and they only fixed this one. I love Korea!

Condomania, in Hongdae is quite a place. I dig it for a bunch of reasons--most of all because I live in Korea, and people can't say "sex" without freaking out. Beyond that it's cool because they have my favoriteBLACK CONDOMS and they have other Japanese oddities, like these two vibrators. The first one is shaped like a baby, and if that doesn't turn you on, they have one shaped like a rubber duckie. Hilarious!



I've decided that I need a store. A place to put all these fun products I find and somewhere to sell all the things I make.


Anonymous said...

nothing like a little vibrating baby to get you in the mood for love

qdin said...

There used to be a (korean?) deli on 53rd and 8th with an awning that read "Ro's b".
When I finally understood what the hell it meant I realized it was genius - apathetic genius.