Monday, November 06, 2006

sunday with color

Here we have Rhu, Yu, and Kazumi of colorvariation with Jutta. We had a brilliant time Saturday night at the Eden party thrown at B1. I met loads of funky fabulous people and got to spend time with heaps of my Seoul favorites. Dancing, dancing, dancing. There must be lots of dancing, and there was. OH Yes, there was lots of dancing. Just what I needed.

On Sunday I met up with the queens and the colorvariation crew for brunch, the Wake Up Andy Warhol show, a quick jaunt around the palace, and then to Samcheon. I left them to check out the Basquiat show at Kukje Gallery.

Then... sleepy, so sleepy. I went home. I slept. I woke up and went for kalbi for the third time this weekend. I gave everyone a nipple (Jess named her nipple Penelope, Kazumi named his "silbah" or Silver, Rhu named her nipple Rain, and Yu came up with the best name, Whirlpool), and kissed them goodbye.


Anonymous said...

If you give me a pair, I'd name them teats.


Rachel Lynn said...

Those are all great names!