Wednesday, November 15, 2006

eggy goodness

Okay, maybe this sounds gross: boiled scrabbled egg in a bubbling mini cauldron. BUT it's NOT! It's one of my absolute favorite Korean side dishes, kyeran chim! When a waiter/waitress brings over some of this goodness, I lose it and start jumping around like it's my birthday, like a monkey on crack, like... well, like they just brought over some good yummy stuff. I never thought eggs would have this incredible effect on me.


Rachel Lynn said...

It is very tasty - it's like a souffle! We all call it eggy goodness too!

Anonymous said...

that is some good shit

monotina said...

do you like kyeran chim ? wow ~
I can make kyeran chim well,
if you visit ulsan, i'll make it you

Alice said...

(I like it with shrimp and pepper flakes... ohhhhh snap!)