Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The people you meet, the food you eat

On Sunday I met Matt and we went out for some food in Dongcheng with a guy he met at the airport. Dinner was lackluster. Nothing really had taste, but it did the trick because I was starving. Matt's new friend, who I soon named Super-negative Lars, wouldn't stop complaining. All he could talk about is how he hated everything, all the women he hoped to sleep with, and the ones he had successfully "made out with" on his Asian sex tour. Between the part where he was describing why he didn't like Tokyo, because there are just too many prostitutes, and the part where he was saying that he doesn't like his women "too oily," I heard a cheesy little narration in my head...

Super-negative Lars with garlic.

Lesson 1
When traveling you may meet people who are different from you. People with different interests, different goals, and aspirations. This is the beauty of life and the great thing about people--we're all different and have much to share and teach each other if we just open our minds and our hearts.

At first, it took everything in me to suppress the feminist bitch rant that was building in my chest. I had to swallow back the fury I wanted to spit on him. And then... it was just like not worth it. I'm on vacation. I let him cat call at the women, and went home laughing at the situation, and him.

A much better dining experience was lunch yesterday. OH MY GOD! We checked out the Lonely Planet and set off to Xiae Wang's Home Restaurant in the Sanlitun area. We ordered WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. We stuffed ourselves and rolled ourselves into a taxi to go take a nap. Highlights from lunch included:

A tofu dish fit for Miss Koco.

This was my favorite dish.
1. I love tofu
2. The sauce wasn't as sweet or as spicy as I expected
3. It was perfectly crispy with a nice soft texture on the inside.

The Dragon Fish

Cashews with a nice coating.

We survived the food coma incident and went off to have dinner with Matt's friend Dave--his old roommate from Ulsan. He picked us up in his somewhat scary jeep and we went off to eat with his Chinese friends, Sebastian and Mica. Mica was quiet, and spent half of dinner texting friends. Sebastian was outgoing, really gentlemanly, and, well, cute. Dinner was yummy too.

Sebastian. So adorable.

Peppers and Beef!

Matt, Dave, FOOD


Jutta said...

I love your describtion of the hamster run internet of China. Fab! I miss you, but it's ok because I read your blog and I'm with you! Lesson number 1 is a good lesson to learn when travelling Asia. My friend Rachel coined the term "x-twat" (ex-pat) in Vietnam, tre funny. I got back yesterday from the Nam and rocked into work 30 mins late. I could have gone in on time but I despatatly needed a shower. You know when you can smell yourself? Not good... My pics are up on Flickr, but I don't expect you to look at them whilst you are holidaying. Hurry back to play with me in Korea. Paddy is leaving in less than a month. Sorrow is on the horizon. Until then my dear enjoy enjoy!!

Cat said...

Great post! It made me hungry! I have to say I love Chinese food--all Chinese food. On my trip to Taipei I concluded that I could never live in China because I would end up weighing 500 pounds.

Glad you are enjoying your trip.