Tuesday, August 01, 2006

footwear, what the...?

December 2004: I'm moving to Korea! This is going to be like shopping heaven! FOR ONCE EVERYTHING WILL FIT ME! Everything is going to be koco-sized!

August 2006: Why can't I find one pair of shoes I actually want to buy?

The fashion trends in Korean women's footwear that I just don't get:

Trend #1: Turning your heels into flip flops.

Trend #2: Wearing footsies, decorative slingback footsies, or socks with open toed shoes.

Are these things hot and I'm just like too old to get it or what? I thought there were some universal fashion DON'T against trend #2. Someone please explain this to me.

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joon said...

haha - these are definitely not hot. Trend 1 - maybe the feet hurt? Trend 2 - comfort over appearance?