Saturday, August 05, 2006

almost ready

almost ready
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I'm up packing. My day was super productive and somewhat crazy. Transfered money, exchanged cash, taught 3 classes, finalized reservations, made plans to meet Stevie Unc (IN BEIJING!), went to Insadong for some art supplies and questionable eats with big Z, said farewell to Judo, goodbye to my students, picked up my passport at the Russian Embassy, and I sweat the whole time like it was my job and I love it. How do you say this heat is oppressive in Korean?

Now, I'm sleepy but too excited to sleep. Mostly because I'm going to China tomorrow, but also because, well, there's a smoothie place at the airport.

Let the Asian adventures continue...

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LazyCat said...

Have a great time!

Just delurking to warn you to guard your passport pretty carefully. Mine was stohlen on a trip to Taipei last week.

My husband was in Beijing on business two weeks ago and said it was incredible. Think you'll love it.