Tuesday, July 04, 2006


photo: paul kotyk

EDEN was fantastic. Venus (so beautiful in every possible way) put together a splendid event and I had a wonderful time. For the most part the Seoul scene enjoyed the cookies. Some ladies sat down and really got into decorating their pussies. Despite the fact that the pussy cookie room felt like you were slowly being roasted in a small toaster oven (all that hot pussy in one place at the same time...), some ladies sat around for at least 30 minutes meticulously placing sprinkles on perfectly laidout icing.

I love my friends for coming out--not only for supporting the night, but also for all their adoration. I mean Paul took great photos, Angelique stopped by to rep Philly, my taekwondo instructor even showed up and totally dug CONSUME MY GOODS. AND JUTTA! Jutta, Jutta, Jutta! My muse, my creative sidekick, my favorite--I couldn't have survived the evening without her. I didn't even have the chance to hang out with people like Charlie and Mark, who just got back from their two-month vacation, or even Judo, who I aodre, but it was awesome just to be surrounded by these people.

I can safely say that it was a good birthday. Now I just have to decide what I want next.


Laurel said...

happy birthday! i love the haircut :)

Jutta said...

I love you Miss Koco... That is such a nice thing to say. It was a pleasure for me to help you and anyway... IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!

Anonymous said...

honey, it would have been NADA without you. i am serious.
you were so gorgeous in your flowy, 'namese shirt and your snipped perfect dome ;) i am so lucky to have your energy as part of it!! i am glad to hear you had a great party. you are an amazing lady....and there are too many things i need to ask you!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time that night and the pictures came out GREAT !

Glen (of Christina & Glen) said...

It WAS a great night, wasn't it??? Christina & I had fun snatching up a hot pussy and having our way with it; however, some cad/cad~ette stole 'No Waiting' (my 3rd Nipple). I hope at least that they enjoyed it! It was a pleasure meeting you - funnily enough, C almost wore HER Ao Dai out for the evening, as well!!!

Warmest Regards; we hope to see you again soonish . . .


Jutta said...

Some more pics from Eden:

Nicole feel free to put them on your Flickr page etc. (of course, of course!)