Saturday, June 24, 2006

fresh outta the oven

plate of pussyphoto by: jhendry
Ji and Phil had a delicious housewarming. Robin and Matt made so many yummy dishes and some lovely sangria. People brought nice plants for thier lavish roof and yard. And I went all out, Miss Koco style. I figured there was no better way to heat up a house than to serve up some hot pussy (cookies). Since I haven't baked a batch in alomst three years, I was feeling a bit rusty and wanted to get a batch or two in before this weekend's EDEN extravaganza. This test batch for my friends, neighbors, lovers and new acquiantances turned out quite well and was a great way to get the old pussy cookie juices flowing--you know, to jump back on the horse so to speak.

Good times, great babbaganoush, and more money shots.

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