Sunday, June 04, 2006

flow festival nippleplay

People were really open and having a good time, Jutta was willing to take photos, and I had a box full of nipples, so...

Taka (Takahashi, Takashit, DJ Gutz) named his nipple Chikubi Spinna. "Chikubi" means nipple in Japanese. He liked earthy tones so this one, from hand-dyed merino, was the one for him. Taka had a little trouble coming up with a name, but the nipple reminded him of slip mats that djs use on their turn tables so that the records don't stick or mess up the motor that spins the record. In the search for the name, we discussed dj equipment and the human body--how turntables could be breasts and how the adaptors for 45s are just like nipples.

AND THEN he took off his shirt.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot hot! Not only did Taka get down with the nippleplay project, but he and Judonami also played some Deee-lite, followed by Bust A Move (Young MC) during their set. That's the way to make miss koco happy!

Paddy (of Newcastle, England) wanted to get in on the no shirt nippleplay fun as well. He picked a green nipple made from merino and named it Alan. The gold barbell bead held the gold tread quite nicely, but was too frail to survive the partying. If you found a lost green nipple, please contact Paddy (**update** Paddy found Alan hiding in his pocket a few days later).

And this is Jen. She danced the night away with me. She's got such a unique dancing style. I just felt all good stuff from this lady. Her nipple is the sister to Jutta's, Nermal, made of Thai silk. This nipple has not yet been named.

And here we have Kathy, from Seattle, with her fierce nipple, named Nancy. This silk nipple has a fun little silver floral trinket on it that I also picked up in Thailand. We had a great little chat about Project Runway and testicles. Not that there were testicles on the TV show, but in a separate conversation we discussed testicles. I'm not quite sure how that came about, but we came to a general consensus that, yes, balls can come in different shapes and sizes; however, the most preferred ones are on the smaller side, or at least in proportion. Also saggy extra skin in the area was decided to be a turn off in this group. Lastly, I would like to reiterate that Nancy is fierce.

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