Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3 favorite lies

1. I'm a man.
2. I'm shy.
3. I'm Neil Diamond's BIGGEST fan.

Over the past year and a bit here in Korea I've enjoyed making up stories about what I do for a living. Instead of telling people I teach, which is so typical, I try on other careers. "I'm a food writer." "I'm a model." HA! I can't keep a straight face though. I always have to come clean. "Naw... but wouldn't that be fun?" Truth is, I'm not a very good liar, but I like to make up stories.


kris from three seas away said...

i AM a shy man, and what's wrong with neil? :)
if you like to make up stories i'm in search of worthy movie script for me to produce (low budget), possibly something about the life and experience of english teachers in korea unless you have better story to tell. interested? i may let you star in it for your trouble :P

misskoco said...

There's nothing wrong with being shy. I'm just not a shy person. I sometime will say that I am as a joke.

And there's nothign wrong with Neil--I'm just not a fan, and surely I'm not his biggest fan. Once upon a time I saw him in New York. I was so excited to see Neil Diamond up close and personal, I told him that I was his biggest fan. It came out of my mouth without thinking about it. I got him to autograph my friend's copy of The God of Small Things... it was a bizarre incident.

kris over here said...

it is bizarrrrrrre ... spooky. :) i didn't think you were old enough to know him or his songs. ha.

Rachel Lynn said...

I told people that I broke my toes because a friend hit me with a hammer . . . and we had to go to the hospital together because he needed his nuts x-rayed after I retaliated. People believed me!

Jutta said...

I have a big pink cock... Really!

misskoco said...

That is quite a cock! Mine is sparkly and purple. I would say that mine is bigger than yours(that's another thing I like to tell people) but that pink dick is mammoth. I can't compete. You know what, I think I'm gonna get a range rover--that will make me feel better.