Sunday, May 14, 2006

the update

The best gift: a visit from my auntie. We spent the weekend talking about happiness, shopping for pottery in Insadong, eating yummy food, and laughing about how ridiculous life is. As a bonus prize she brought me 5 tubes of toothpaste with fluoride, 4 sticks of anti-perspirant, and a fantastic bottle of wine. With the exception of the wine, these things are almost impossible to find.

The rest of the update:
Let the Russian lessons begin
Korean tutoring
TRANS-SIBERIAN trip plans are moving along
I'm on the cover of Kscene magazine
Pussy Cookie/CONSUME MY GOODS--Seoul debut next month
Ji and Phil moved into their new castle on the top of a mountain
classes are... well, going
I miss NYC, LNE, Kdawg, Kevin, Eric, Dave(and Angel), sugarmonk(still the sweetest ish), my fam squad, lights that don't take a thousand years to turn green, people who say excuse me when they bump into you, all my art supplies in Philly, acupuncture, my acupucturist and hot people


Adam said...


I took the trans-siberian back from China a couple of years ago, if you need any advice, I'll be here for you. You missed the 5 year class of 2001 reunion, lots of drinking, and delightful hors d'oeuvres. I arrived trashed, then had to leave early so I could vomit in the privacy of my own bathroom.

Thanks for the memories NYU!!!

Kiss kiss,


Rose said...

What kind of magazine is Kscene and why are you on the cover of it? Perhaps a better question is, why are they only getting around to putting you on the cover now?