Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tteok & Traditional Kitchen Utensil Museum

I don't know why or how I ended up at the Tteok and Traditional Kitchen Utensil Museum, but I was there enjoying every last bizarre moment. Tteok (Ddeok or 떡) is like rice cake. It's used in a whole bunch of dishes, like ddeok boggi (떡볶이), and to make what could be called traditional Korean candy/dessert/snack food. This museum featured a life-sized diorama of a traditional wedding (chicken included!), and a lot of displays that consisted of fake food, like outside a Japanese restaurant, behind plexi. I had no idea there were that many types of ddeok. Most of all, the English descriptions of the items made it worth the 3,000 won entrance fee. For example:

Driving Away String

It is made of two strand straw strung together as thick as the adult's small finger into which a charcoal piece and red chili are inserted, at regular intervals and alternatively. The string is bound around the bean sauce crock to drive away any harmful elements. By doing this way, people believe they can make bean sauce more palatable and keep it fresh longer. Sometimes, they hang a small upside-down Korean foot gear, bosun, cut from paper, around the crock for the same purpose.

The also had this old ass blender. How funky!

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Jutta said...

I am a massive fan of bad English... This being my particular favourite, taken in Tokyo.