Thursday, May 25, 2006

submit submit submit

Tonight I was briefed on the Commandments of Modern Taekwondo:

1. Loyalty to your country
2. Respect your parents
3. Faithfulness to your spouse
4. Respect your brothers and sisters
5. Loyalty to your friends
6. Respect your elders
7. Respect your teacher
8. Never take life unjustly
9. Indomitable spirit
10. Loyalty to your school
11. Finish what you begin

Okay some of this stuff is good, but some of it makes me feel like I'm joining a cult. I'm really starting to draw similarities between the S&M world and the ethics of taekwondo. Domination, submission, respect your master, feel the pain, enjoy the pain... I may be a little too independent to submit to the authority. I don't dig calling my teacher "sir" like he's a drill sergeant. I mean, I met the dude at a party. I end up giggling every time I go to call him "master" too.

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Anonymous said...

there shall be one mistress in this house AND NO MASTER!!!