Tuesday, May 23, 2006

kicking ass

master Heo
I started taking taekwondo classes this week. I thought it might be fun to pretend I could hurt someone because, as you know, I'm the kind of girl who kicks ass. The class is probably going to hurt me a lot more than I'll ever be able to hurt someone else, but so far so good. The class meets four nights a week. I'm at day two. I'm sore, and by Thursday I may not be able to walk up stairs for a while, but I broke a board on my first try and the master says I'm doing well. Yeah, I have a "Master," Master Heo. Very S&M. Master Heo spent a few years in the Bronx, so class is conducted in English with bits of Korean thrown in.

Check out Master Heo with his paddles. So serious.

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Cat said...

Awesome. Thanks for the think. I touch down in Seoul later this week and I was looking for some exercise options (particularly ones that I could understand!)

This looks cool! You broke a board in your first class? Maybe I should see if they'll let me in the kiddie version.