Sunday, May 28, 2006

The return of the pussy cookie lady

I'm showing CONSUME MY GOODS June 24th **correction: July 1st** at BricxX in Hongdae. I can't wait to bring the cookies back and see how the Seoul scene reacts. I'm sure it will be a bunch of English teachers, and a handful of young Koreans thrown in. It's not for everybody, but I think they'll love the decorate your own pussy (cookie) and exhibitionist photo shoot elements. Though I didn't experience negative reactions to the work in the past, I'm prepping myself for the possibility that Korea just isn't ready for all Miss Koco has to serve up.

I must admit my own (fabulous) mother, who supports me in everything I ever do, doesn't like that I use "The P Word." And my father, the artist, doesn't exactly boast about it. But that hasn't phased me much. The most recent critique of my work/miss koco went some thing like this: "Fuck Miss Koco. All she does is talk about sex." -- some dude (who only talks about techie shit most people don't understand or just find boring. For example, "Perhaps I am missing some Korean fonts in my postscript path. After peeking at postscript-cjk-printing, it looks like I need to install some fonts. Argh! How in Debian?") One of the things Miss Koco does like to talk about is sex. It's true.

I've considered that maybe I should come with a warning. NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES. Then again, who cares? (shrug) It's art!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the mulberry tree

It rained, all day. Not just one of those days when it drizzles a bit, but a day where it just poured. Most people get all gloomy, but I love this kind of weather. I sat inside and made art. The hush and calm it lays on me reminds me of the summers of my childhood. Looking out the window I noticed that the thick hairy berries drooping from its branches have started to turn from green to red to a deep burgundy purple, just like the mulberry tree on the walk up to the porch. I'm dreamy and lost in nostalgia, suddenly whisked away to Buck's Rock Road. Driving up the hill, feeling the familiar curves, dips, and hills until FINALLY the Actor's Studio emerged... this was a return home. At Buck's Rock, every morning I woke up free. Everyday was filled with creativity. And the people around me, loved me.

Laying on the lawn, listening to the trees with the wood shop's tools whining in the background. The guitar boys on the porch. Sitting by the glass blowing studio at night to stay away from the mosquitoes and feel the heat of the glory holes. The morning sounds and the cold floor of the dance studio. The excitement working up to Informance and Dance Night. Late nights talking to my best friends in the whole world (who truly understood my 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 year old self) and watching one shooting star after the next. Collating the yearbook, the smell of the wax at Batik, FRAV (fried ravioli), bagels on Sunday, Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow, The Yudins, Malka, Juliet, my dance studio posse, The Brits, Ernst, and always being able to find my family just down the path (if I needed to, but never really had to), possibly covered in paint. These are pieces of me. Things I have known and will always love.

Buck's Rock was the place I really grew up, where I was able to be myself, and just make things. I carry the vibrance and joy of that magical place with me, always trying to recreate a bit of home wherever I may be.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

submit submit submit

Tonight I was briefed on the Commandments of Modern Taekwondo:

1. Loyalty to your country
2. Respect your parents
3. Faithfulness to your spouse
4. Respect your brothers and sisters
5. Loyalty to your friends
6. Respect your elders
7. Respect your teacher
8. Never take life unjustly
9. Indomitable spirit
10. Loyalty to your school
11. Finish what you begin

Okay some of this stuff is good, but some of it makes me feel like I'm joining a cult. I'm really starting to draw similarities between the S&M world and the ethics of taekwondo. Domination, submission, respect your master, feel the pain, enjoy the pain... I may be a little too independent to submit to the authority. I don't dig calling my teacher "sir" like he's a drill sergeant. I mean, I met the dude at a party. I end up giggling every time I go to call him "master" too.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tteok & Traditional Kitchen Utensil Museum

I don't know why or how I ended up at the Tteok and Traditional Kitchen Utensil Museum, but I was there enjoying every last bizarre moment. Tteok (Ddeok or 떡) is like rice cake. It's used in a whole bunch of dishes, like ddeok boggi (떡볶이), and to make what could be called traditional Korean candy/dessert/snack food. This museum featured a life-sized diorama of a traditional wedding (chicken included!), and a lot of displays that consisted of fake food, like outside a Japanese restaurant, behind plexi. I had no idea there were that many types of ddeok. Most of all, the English descriptions of the items made it worth the 3,000 won entrance fee. For example:

Driving Away String

It is made of two strand straw strung together as thick as the adult's small finger into which a charcoal piece and red chili are inserted, at regular intervals and alternatively. The string is bound around the bean sauce crock to drive away any harmful elements. By doing this way, people believe they can make bean sauce more palatable and keep it fresh longer. Sometimes, they hang a small upside-down Korean foot gear, bosun, cut from paper, around the crock for the same purpose.

The also had this old ass blender. How funky!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

kicking ass

master Heo
I started taking taekwondo classes this week. I thought it might be fun to pretend I could hurt someone because, as you know, I'm the kind of girl who kicks ass. The class is probably going to hurt me a lot more than I'll ever be able to hurt someone else, but so far so good. The class meets four nights a week. I'm at day two. I'm sore, and by Thursday I may not be able to walk up stairs for a while, but I broke a board on my first try and the master says I'm doing well. Yeah, I have a "Master," Master Heo. Very S&M. Master Heo spent a few years in the Bronx, so class is conducted in English with bits of Korean thrown in.

Check out Master Heo with his paddles. So serious.

There's no such thing as too much FABRICE FABRICE

I want FABRICE FABRICE to eat my pussy (cookies)... or serve it up to Raven. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FABRICE FABRICE. I'm so excited that he's guest blogging on because he's so hilarious!

Monday, May 22, 2006

EDEN @ BricxX

eden flyer
Venus put together a great party. The drum performance by Dongchon was out of this world. Those women have so much energy! The tunes were good, I bumped into some people I haven't seen in a hot minute, and hot people were in attendance shaking it en masse. Summer has started before spring has finished and I absolutely love it.

drummers photo by jhendry

Paul, Analia, Jutta, and Elinza (and Lucee) really made my night. These three fabulous women were really into the nipple play project and tooke some great photos with their new artsy nipples.

pictures courtesy of analia

Instant mutual adoration. These women are beyond fabulous. It was so refreshing to meet a collection of beautiful people. Jutta named her nipple, made of a mulitcolored Thai silk, Nermal--the uber cool nipple. Elinza, who already owns a set of red hot nipples, insisted on having a nipple for the night. She named this pink merino nipple Loaner. Lastly, there is the gorgeous Analia, the first Bolivian Asian chic I've ever met. Panacracia is Analia's third nipple. She chose the only beaded nipple I've made so far. SO MUCH FUN!

picture courtesy of paulkotyk

Monday, May 15, 2006

can you make a fire without using wood?

From time to time I find tidbits I absolutely must share. Here's a modern day survival technique for making fire with a Trojan. Yes, yes, I know what you're saying, "Miss Koco, we all know how to 'make fire' using a condom. Duh." But that's not what I mean. I'm talking about some dude in Alaska using condoms filled with water as a lens. Woah.

old meets new

A bunch of people took part in this "governmental test" called Gwageo at Sungkyunkwan University (where I teach) this weekend. Gwageo has been going on for like 1000 years. Back in the day if these scholars did well on the exam they got major recognition from the King and an official position as a civil leader. They wrote Chinese characters to demonstrate their fine work, or wrote poems to flaunt their skills, along with other things to prove their intelligence and great abilities. Today, they play Starcraft. No joke. It was on the program.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the update

The best gift: a visit from my auntie. We spent the weekend talking about happiness, shopping for pottery in Insadong, eating yummy food, and laughing about how ridiculous life is. As a bonus prize she brought me 5 tubes of toothpaste with fluoride, 4 sticks of anti-perspirant, and a fantastic bottle of wine. With the exception of the wine, these things are almost impossible to find.

The rest of the update:
Let the Russian lessons begin
Korean tutoring
TRANS-SIBERIAN trip plans are moving along
I'm on the cover of Kscene magazine
Pussy Cookie/CONSUME MY GOODS--Seoul debut next month
Ji and Phil moved into their new castle on the top of a mountain
classes are... well, going
I miss NYC, LNE, Kdawg, Kevin, Eric, Dave(and Angel), sugarmonk(still the sweetest ish), my fam squad, lights that don't take a thousand years to turn green, people who say excuse me when they bump into you, all my art supplies in Philly, acupuncture, my acupucturist and hot people

Saturday, May 13, 2006

overheard in nyc (still lovin u)

Bike guy: The light's red. Move out of the way.
Woman: Fuck you. I don't care if the light's purple, bitch. I cross when I want!

--20th & 8th

Thursday, May 11, 2006

retail therapy

After the quintessential I (heart--with a dagger stabbed through it) Korea day, and an evening at COEX studying Korean, I went midnight shopping with Matt (the perfect shopping companion) in Dogdaemun.

After scores of bad news all day, buying these shorts seemed completely justified.

Other gems:

emotionally unavailable

morphine. with stars in your eyes. XOXOX

Sunday, May 07, 2006

all your base is belong to us

This afternoon, I had french toast for brunch, in America... or at least some surreal version of it. At times I can be harsh and extremely critical, particularly of anything related to the US Military. However, I had a lovely afternoon visiting Youngsan Military Base. (Did I really just write that?)

Things that bugged me out (mostly in good ways):
The vast amount of space they have in the middle of Seoul.
A driving range, a soccer field, schools, a hotel, a theatre and more I didn't get to explore.
US Postal Service mailboxes.
People speaking in English.
Black people. (Woah! Don't see much of that 'round here.)
People paying for things with US currency. Five dollar bills look funny. They're little and long.
Landscaping. It much less sterile that I imagined. I guess somewhere in my head I kind of expected things to look a bit like MASH.

It was nice to see random people smile at me, and even say, "hello" just because they were standing next to me. On the other hand, the whole place is a bizarre little bubble. Military people can stay on base, never have to leave, and never really get to know much about the foreign country they live in because they don't have to interact with it.

As a side note, I really miss brunch.

they find me

I'm walking home from work, and there it was across the street, soaking up the sun, just groovin' on a breeze, callin' me. I'm thinking "That shirt looks like it says psycho bitch on it..." Low and behold. 3,000 Won! FABULOUS!

I don't look for these things, but somehow they end up in my universe. Maybe that's because, well, you know, 'cause I'm a psycho bitch.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


pop & lock

My boy, Pops Loxnbagels, took me to see a street dance competition. Funny stuff. People were shakin it like... well, like a polaroid picture, like they had ants in their pants, like they just couldn't stop, like shaking was going to be illegal tomorrow. It was fun to watch and they were playing some good funky tunes, but it was going to go on for the rest of eternity, so we left before it got to the good battles.