Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm not the type to get starstruck or obsessed with a "famous" person. However, there are a few people in this world that I absolutely adore. The main reason they deserve this kind of admiration is that, to some extent, I feel they posses amazing divine powers that are simply beyond this world. These Goddesses include: Karen Finley, Madonna, and Lady Miss Kier.

Dewdrops in the Garden
is one of my all time favorite cds. I'll play it over and over until it becomes embarrassing that I listen to it that much. Then I'll hide it from myself only to find it again in a few months and continue the cycle.

No matter where I am in my life, Lady Miss Kier puts me in a deee-licious, deee-lectable, deee-gorgeous, deee-groovy mood. I'll find myself dancing through everything I have to do. I guess the music makes me happy and I never get sick of it.

Also, she and I share a love for wigs, drag queens, and dance music:

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