Sunday, April 16, 2006

nipples and more

Went out to Gangcheon with Team Canada and like 20 other heads. Matt cooked up amazing food, the drinks were flowing, and I was getting people to play with my nipples. Check the new documentation.

over the shoulder nipple set

Knitting and crochet are supposed to be a winter and fall activities. Spring is here and all the sudden crochet has jumped back into my life. First, I found out about The Nipple Project (thanks Rose, the Nipple Project women were so pleased to find a nipple freak like me to submit work). Then, I stumbled upon The Institute for Figuring and the crafty math stuff they're doing. Two days later I get an email about the Crochet Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project and I find out that there is a crazy lady who makes knitwear for her 2 eggs (and for her lizard). And then today I found myself making a crocheted nut.

This guy Paul said he didn't want a nipple. However, he said he'd really like a nut. And by nut he meant a testicle. He said it in a way that made it sound like a design challenge, a dare of sorts.Paul's inner voice: I bet you can't make a testicle. Miss Koco's inner voice: Oh yeah? How big do you want it? I thought about my friend who has one nut, and my other friend who has prosthetic nuts, and decided that for whatever reason this guy wanted a nut, this was something I'd gladly make.

So I made a ball. It's made of a silk and merino blend and stuffed with barley to hold the shape. It is meant to hang, so I attached a hook to a string at the top of the ball. Without the hook and string, it's just a misshapen hackysack.

Since it's my first crocheted nut, I'm a bit concerned about the size. I asked a bunch of my guy friends what they thought and I got a whole bunch of answers. Some sorta thought it was small, where others thought it was a bit too big, and none of them could really give me a straight answer. I guess mostly because they would openly be comparing this ball to their balls and they weren't really okay with having this conversation with me. Which got me to thinking about how guys feel about their nuts. Do they get conscious like women do about the size of their breasts?

I didn't feel like thinking about guys thinking about their nuts too much, so I went back to making nipples, taking pictures, drinking, and eating (basil hummus, pita chips, some lamb kebabs, and grilled veggies).

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zachille o'neal said...

the truth is, i don't give my nuts a second's thought. i realize my neglect, and am going to take them out for dinner tonite. i'm sorry, fellas.