Sunday, April 02, 2006

I can't believe this!

No one is backing me up on the shoe thing!

I'm having a flashback.
All I can think of is the time when two of my very close friends convinced me that I was fit to go outside in an absolutely horrendous outfit. I would often ask my friends for their opinions on my outfits, as I did like to put together some outrageous ensembles. I trusted these people... but, on this occasion they both stated that I was "working" this outfit that consisted of: a green sock with a picture of Elmo on it, another sock that did not match the Elmo sock(they may have possibly been silver and sparkly), black square toed shoes with a chunky heel, black and white zebra skin patterned stretch pants, a baby blue t-shirt for a website that read "hit on me," and a burgundy sweatshirt zip-up hoodie. We were wasted, and it wasn't until we got to the movie theater that I realized just how ridiculous I looked. I wanted to crawl under the seat. I was incredulous. I almost got angry, I almost started to cry, then I just started laughing. We just laughed and laughed and laughed. People were looking at us. It didn't matter, we were so insane. BUT, I couldn't believe they let me leave my room looking like a hot mess.

Well, I have learned. Those shoes could be the end of me. I can see it now... I get all these comments and eventually convince myself that they are ok, so I wear them out one night. And then the most gorgeous creature to ever walk the face of the planet, a drag queen Thai chef on a world tour, the potential love of my life, walks up and says to me, "Wow! Where did you get those shoes? They're AWFUL!" And I'll have to remember some nonsense like that for the rest of eternity... just like the ELMO SOCK. Yes, I have learned. Granted I could probably work a plastic bag, a box of Farm Chew, and... and a shovel (if I wanted to!), but I don't care what anyone says. Those shoes are BUSTED and you will not find me wearing THOSE shoes (in public).


Anonymous said...

Jess, it's all about the right combination..
Your horror memory is a result of ill combination of clothes not because of the specific item itself.
The shoes itself look fine so with the right combination you'll look fine.

Anonymous said...

who's jess?

misskoco said...

Good question. I'm not Jess. I'm Miss Koco. Maybe it was meant to be "Jeez."

Adam said...

I personally don't think the shoes are that bad, considering the fact that most asian shoe styles would have their designers indicted for crimes against humanity in the west, these are relatively decent. However, I still don't understand this obsession with oversized lace holes, I once saw a pair of shoes in a Chinese market that had lace holes that were at least an inch in diameter, I think it speaks of a repressed S & M fixation.

Still nothing new in the city, Kiersten had her party over the weekend, her family came, people got drunk, people got gay, it was a good time.

Heads up: Stephanie Cramwich (aka Ritchie, don't know how to spell her last name) is headed over to Seoul this week as part of a legislative delegation. She was talking about trying to meet up with you.

Kiss kiss,


Rose said...

I remember that outfit! It was ridiculous, but it wasn't like you looked BAD...just...ridiculous. However, you neglected to mention what the rest of the party was wearing. Which I believe involved pajama pants and a mr. rodgers sweater and maybe...overalls? I'm not sure about that last part. But I know we all looked busted.