Sunday, March 26, 2006

Traditional Wedding

Ji and Phil
Ji and Phil had a beautiful wedding. The location was incredible, the weather was nice, everyone looked gorgeous, and the ceremony was lovely and meaningful (instead of rushed and cheezy like at those wedding halls). AND I wore a hanbuk. I love these people.

Check out the pics here or here.

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Adam said...

You really rock those threads darling, I still think the Ao Yai I bought for you in Vietnam is more your style.

The hanbok is a lovely garment, but it really doesn't flatter the female figure at all. I thought it was a traditional maternity dress, until my korean fag hag set me straight on the matter.

Still, it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony, I assume that a hearty banquet followed immediately, no?

Which do you think is more amusing, watching pampered Seoul teens trying to dress like gangstas straight out of Bed-Stuy or big-nosed westerners trying to go (traditionally) local?