Wednesday, March 01, 2006

tea time

I'm a tea addict. I spend a lot of time in cafes. I buy tea like it's my job. I try to convert people into tea freaks. In Korea I discovered Green Tea Lattes. When made well they are yummy treats. When made from crappy mix they taste like warm armpit. I've recently noticed some cafes advertising their sweet potato lattes. I'm not so sure I can get down with that. My new hood has a bunch of cafes, all within three seconds of each other. I like variety and just in case I need another warm beverage once I get to the corner, I have the option to just scoot into the next spot. Fabulous.


eleni said...

where did you get that yummy tea you brought down to GC? The bourbon vanilla is just about done and the ginger peach is soon to follow... I want to get more when I'm back in new york.

ps - i can't believe you're in korea again! i'm so sad about it!

Janine said...

Don't I at least get some photo credits? You left your medicine here... i don't know what to do with it. Hope you like your new job, I wanna meet you in India.

misskoco said...

I bought that tea in Philly. There's a spot called the Tea Leaf in Reading Terminal. However, in New York there's an awesome place called McNulty's Tea and Coffee Company on Christopher Street (between Bleeker and Hudson). McNulty's makes a tea lover wet.

David Wellbaum said...

Miss Koco,

Mr. DWW here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the postcard you sent me. I just got it at Yes Yongdo yesterday. I'm glad you think of me when you see Star Wars related have also just made yourself a stalker for life.

Obsessively thinking of you,