Sunday, March 12, 2006

i rock the socks that make you hot

Things I can never seem to get enough of: funny socks and journals.

Hello, my name is Miss Koco and beyond being a nonstop vaginaholic, I'm a MUJI addict. I'm at the MUJI store in the LotteMart at Jamsil more than any person should be. It's like the Japanese version of IKEA. It's the only place I've seen in Korea that has products that actually look like they were designed. They have a simple aesthetic. MOREOVER, they had these socks.

muji socks**NOTE: Stripped leggings and wild ass socks together--not for outdoor use.**

They have the thong toe action (like mittens for your feet), they reach mid-calf, AND they are from recycled yarn. What more could you ask for? Nothing could make me happier than a store with socks like this AND stationary. Oh, yes they have journals and pens and little stickies and whatnot, TOO.

Obviously, I don't need any more journals (this is the select few I needed to have with me in Korea). However, sometimes you see something you simply can't be without. MUJI is a place that has many things like this.

shelf of journals

I couldn't help but relate to the character Karen Finley describes in her piece titled CHANDLER'S:

There was no place as romantic for her as a stationery store. She would go through the endless aisles of pastel Post-Its, lined notecards, and patterned notebooks, poetic greeting cards, foiled giftwraps. The smells of the papers intoxicated her into a levitated state of absolute bliss.

Once, as she was looking at a display of bookmarks, she felt her skin shiver. It was just too exciting, feeling the leather between her fingers--she climaxed right there on the spot. And with every bookmark she touched she climaxed again and again. She came in daily now.

Okay, so it's not like I get all heated like that by paper... but, well... some people like food, I dig paper and art supplies (and socks).


Rachel Lynn said...

I love the word "vaginaholic!" It's so appropriate. I also like the parallel between sex & stationery.

misskoco said...

Thanks. What about "vaginaddict?" I can't take credit for either of those though. It's the sugarmonk.

Kai Hendry said... is a better link. I checked it out today and it was a tiny part of the store. It's also pretty expensive. :(

I never thought I would miss Ikea.

misskoco said...

Thanks for the helpful tidbits, Kai. :) Glad you enjoyed the post and the store.;) So, what you're saying is that you and I won't be falling in love and I won't be having your babies. Oh, poo. :P

I really don't like emoticons, but I still LOVE MUJI. You can't say bad things about MUJI, at least not here.

Shells Bells said...

I dig the socks they are pretty hot!!!! I'll have to check out MUJI...I'm lucky enough to have an IKEA right across the street from school but next time in Jamsil I'll check it out. As for vaginaholic..that's a good of my favorite words RL introduced me to is vagina bone..I just like to say vagina is multi purpose.

misskoco said...

the vagina bone's connected to the... what bone is the vagina bone connected to?

Adam said...

hey darling,

I'm not a big fan of Muji, they apparently take their color palate from filing cabinets (everything comes in only black, brown, or beige) but their pasta sauces are pretty good.

Went to Philly last week, made the mistake of staying in Orlando's hovel. The degraded and utterly abominable conditions in which Orlando lives defy description, and yet he keeps up an impressive facade, it's really astounding. Kiersten just got back from Brazil, you're not missing much.

We miss you here in the city,

hope all is well.

Just one question:

Does Korean poon-tang taste like kimchi?



misskoco said...

#1 Adam, I love you.

#2 I like beige and black. No bad mouthing MUJI!

#3 Kimchi poon-tang? I wouldn't know. I'm celibate and I hate sex, particularly if it's kimchi flavored.