Thursday, March 09, 2006

been a while

Yeah... I've been busy. Work, life, and my new pet.

I've never really been a pet person. I have never really liked dogs, I grew allergic to cats in my adult years, I find birds silly, hamsters disgusting, and I just don't feel like a fish or a plant really are interactive enough to really qualify.

I've been really busy with my new gig, then filling my nights with reading, socializing, and making art. It's always nice to have someone to come home to. I guess I'm looking to share my domestic space. A boyfriend would be too much trouble and make a mess, so I considered getting a puppy, just to give it a go.

You know how they say, be careful what you wish for... without even trying, Harold came into my world. He just showed up a couple days ago and won't leave. At first, I wanted to just get rid of him. I just finished The Secret Life of Bees and I guess I got soft on the caring for all living creatures no matter how small or annoying, so I gave up. I guess he likes me. I'm pretty sure he's a sarcophaga carnaria. I named him Harold after the dick in Judy Blume's (pre)teen classic Forever (The main character's boyfriend's penis was named Harold). I've spent hours trying to shoo him out the door. No matter what I have done to try to get Harold to just leave, he has refused.

So, here we are together, with him driving me bonkers, buzzing about the apartment, while I try to get some work done. It's like we've always been this way. I'm not attached though. If Harold were to up an die like right this second, I really doubt I'd be too upset. No tears even. I mean I never asked for him in the first place and I'll know it was probably just his time to go.


eleni said...

i'm sure harold will drop dead in a couple of days as long as you don't feed him! hopefully harold won't find a maude to mate with... although maude was too old to mate

misskoco said...

Well, Harold's gone. It's like as soon as I announced his existence in my life, he disappeared. Like I said, I wasn't attached.

Rose said...

if you thinks boys are trouble and make a mess, you have no idea what kind of damage a young pup can do. Has a boy ever chewed your shoe beyond recognition? shit in one? kept you up crying all night? urinated on your comforter? If so, you really need to take a closer look at the boys you've been dating.