Monday, February 13, 2006

BBD, Cox, and Faggots: A Typical Saturday Nite with Malibu Eleni and Miss Koco

After driving around for a bit last night--past Cox and back to her place--Eleni and I discovered Big Black Dick. According to them, "Richard Le Noir" used to wear loud outfits with a red sash--in which he'd stash up to four pistols. He became a pirate and then decided to settle down and make "the best original pirate rum and the hottest sauce in the Caribbean." Dick's Rum Swizzle
sounds pretty tasty to me.

In the middle of an informational quest to find iron rich food, we found Faggots! And not only are faggots balls of low quality pork, a kind of "English haggis," but also a triangular stack of split and salted cod for drying!

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