Sunday, December 04, 2005

winter in hongdae the perfect rooftop lounge to watch the snow fall.

Winter is here for sure. Seasons creep up on you in Korea. I was completely unprepared for what Seoul was serving up this Saturday--SNOW! My cute toesies took me to Hongdae to see an art show, and then they almost froze off. Hongade exists, in my mind, as a place of warm fun. It was the backdrop for hot memories. Thus, it was somewhat unsettling to see frost covering my summer chillspot.

The art show, Exposure, was nice... A bunch of funky foreigners with a sprinkle of multilingual natives hovering around boxed wine and mountains of used dixie cups. The main purpose for going was to meet Angelique Kuyper, another Philly native who went to UArts. She's a friend of a friend of my friend from highschool's mother. I met her email address sometime last year and she became one of those aquiantances I sporatically see in my inbox. After our extended distant virtual relationship, it was fabulous to finally meet her in the flesh.

I also made the acquaintance of a lovely woman named Rena. I found myself at Mary Jane's--a bar that in order to find from the park you go towards the university, pass two 7-11s, take a right at the second one, go down the right fork and you find a bit along on the left in the basement. I can't believe anyone ever finds it, particularly drunk people. Anyway, I spotted this lady across the bar and felt that she would be the type that I could pop the question to and get the right response from. The perfect moment was magically created as I emerged from the stall in the bathroom. There she was fixing her hair, adjusting her tube top. So, I asked if she wanted to play with one of my nipples; She was thrilled. I asked if I could take a picture; She readily posed. FABULOUS. My kinda girl.

Then I found this cutie on my way out showing Ji, Phil, and Vic, his nipples. He let me touch one. I figured it was an even trade.

and if you were wondering, yeah... my hair's black (temporarily)


Kurios1978 said...

No wonder I didn't pick up which one of the four was you in the first pic! Change of hairstyle. Kewl.

JP Kania said...

Na..that ain't you !!

G is for Gangsta said...

oh man I love this woman

Shells Bells said...

I'm glad to see the nipples are still thriving!!!!!