Friday, December 23, 2005

to do

Though I might not get around to all of this I endeavor to:

eat food from Bonsignor (preferably empanadas)
get a smoothie from liquiteria. I really want from lucky's, but they closed ages ago. (Notice that the review is written by Nick Catucci)
buy lots of granola, deodorant, and toothpaste with fluoride to come back and sell on the blackmarket
eat falafel
have pizza from Two Boots
drink a mojito, or two
buy sexy panties and bras (nothing pink, or frilly, or with happy bears, or bows, or SUPER padding)
buy books or magazines (IN ENGLISH!) at St. Mark's Bookshop
play with Toys in Babeland
Jameson, on the rocks
see a movie at one of the Landmark Cinemas (Sunshine, Angelika, or Film Forum--prefrence on the Sunshine)
I wouldn't mind dancing
standing on a rooftop
seeing someone famous in the street
walk around the village, LES, and Union Square
bumping into Hotdog, the crackwhore from Tompkins Square Park, would top it off

Last time I saw Hotdog, she referred to me as "Skinnybitch," as if we were old friends and this is always what she called me. And the time before that she was trying to sell me a pile of hair in the subway station at Delancy Street. Gotta love her.

So, anyone care to join me?


DEW said...

i volunteer to be with you.. especially with the sexy panites and bra shopping.. it sounds like you are going to have a nice trip.. i hope you enjoy and go back to Korea refreshed..

Anonymous said...

ANGEL will be there in spirit...oh how i'd love to walk with you around new york as we did that day in philly, meeting on south street and ending up back at the gallery, talking life and talking shit in the back kitchen. alas, i just started a new job and i'm stuck in LA, though it has been in the high 70s so perhaps "stuck" is the wrong word>.....LUV!!!!!!!!!!!