Tuesday, December 27, 2005

open house

I'm not in Korea. At least not now. I'm in Philly.

This is nuts.
My family had a blow out party. It was a success, completely fabulous. There were some people in attendance. And by people, I mean fantastic Philly powerhouses, brilliant intellectuals, beautiful people, artists, and funny funny people. People I haven't seen in forever. People I haven't ever seen but heard so much about. People I love and adore. People, just people.

Sometimes the community is just colorful.


Persica said...

Hey miss Koco, I hope you're enjoying home. take care and much love.

Kurios1978 said...

Sweet, new years back home! Happy New Year, and have a good one.

p.s: Bet you'd be having notions of adding kimchi to your Philly Steak with Cheese...

Shells Bells said...

Happy New Year Miss Koco take a deep breath of fresh air for me! :)

Anonymous said...

hello, koco

i enjoyed realing your blog. keep plying with nipples!!