Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the good stuff

A couple months ago, Ji and Phil introduced me to bokbunjajoo (though on the bottle it says bokbunja in Korean). It's this great raspberry wine. I wasn't really interested at first, though I'm a big fan of raspberries. Now it's all I want to drink.

15% alcohol, cute little deep burgundy colored bottle, reasonably priced, and it's served in adorable little glasses. FABULOUS!

However, some companies make it way too sweet or they don't know what they are doing and it just tastes nasty. SO, you have to get this one:

don't accept any imitations

The beer here is terrible. You have the choice of Hite, fondly called (S)hite, Cass, AKA "_ass," or OB, which of course can be referred to as B.O. For the most part these are just variations on the theme of beer flavored water. Thus, my discovery of bokbunja was like a shining moment in history--blog worthy.


Janine said...

I bought a bottle of that wine when I visited in March... I still haven't drank it.

Shells Bells said...

that stuff is seriously dangerous..copious amounts can be consumed and the hangover is nasty!

Meg said...

Hmmm...wish I'd found that when I was living in Korea! A good American subsitute I discovered on New Year's-prosecco, Chambord, and frozen raspberries to keep it cold.

Anonymous said...

I love this wine so much and always get it at the local sushi restaurant. My problem is I can't find it anywhere else... you know where I can find it?