Sunday, December 11, 2005

faux grass and big beer

On a chilly Saturday night in Kagnam, I found myself a bit toasty from the beers in my belly, however still not quite warm enough for the weather.

Freezing our butts off, Mr. O and I discovered a sight that warmed our little hearts--an astroturf covered pole. Fake grass on a pole. Really. I have no idea what the purpose of such a thing is, other than to be a prop in fabulous pictures such as this one:

Mr. O (Mr. Mr. O if you're nasty), you are my favorite word pimp. You got SEN-SUH (a sense of style) like no other.

Earlier in the evening, at Herzen, we had ordered 5 of these things:

This thing came to the table flashing, smoking, and bubbling. It holds, I believe, 5000cc of beer. What a production! Then, somehow... how should I say this? hmmmm... one of the drunken idiots of our party smuggled/stole/"borrowed" one of these massive theatrical beer receptacles. I actually found myself disapprovingly shaking my head saying "foreigners... " OR, rather, I think what I might have said was "Gotta watch out for these white people these days. They're like the new black people."

It was noted, due to my mixed ethnicity, that I am the only one among the crowd that can get away with making a statement like that. Of course, I was joking and I thought I was hilarious, but you know it was somewhat uncharacteristic of my humor and in bad taste. Not cute. Just as much as I wished he would take back the beer thingie, I wish I could retract my statement. I'd replace it with something like a sharp disapproving look--the one I shoot my students when that act like complete fools, the one I've been perfecting over the past few months/years, the one I guess I'll have handy if I ever become a parent.

Lastly, the hair of the week:


Shells Bells said...

Beer pitchers with dry ice in it makes drinking much more entertaining :)

patrick said...

hey. remembered you have blog and low and behold, look what i found!

if you know me at all (and i think you do...) you know i back you up on any and all offensive comments made with purely humourous intentions... remove foot from mouth and gimme a high five!

glad to see senor O rockin the paperboy hat look. please tell him i approve. and was that one third of big paul i saw in the other photo? awww...

iowa has about twelve feet of snow. and no astroturf. so, yeah; it's cold. say "hi" to people i know there. have a splendid week. plans for christmakwanzikkah?

Rose said...

I think your racially questionable comments are hilarious, and as you said, you, being such a mutt, have the authority to make comments of that sort. I have also noticed though, that lately people are getting very touchy about comments of that sort. Interesting to know its happening around the globe.

Also, re: the stealing. That's kind of hilarious too.

Kurios1978 said...

I think the big pole is for BIG cats to purr and scratch their backs on... maybe??

Anonymous said...

Mixed girls have immunity in every verbal community..and those who wear wigs have even more! Speak your mind you extravagant and beautiful creature!


misskoco said...

love, love, love, love, LOVE YOU! That's YOU in the plural form!

I guess I was saying that just because you can doesn't always mean that you should... but what the hell, might as well shake what my momma gave me as loud as I wanna.

DEW said...

someone as beautiful as you are can say whatever they want.. i love your new hair style