Wednesday, November 02, 2005

too many things

I have a gift for collecting little pieces of paper and other odds and ends that I claim are "really important." I don't know what to do with all this stuff, but I feel like I NEED it and if I toss it I'm going to regret it later. The piles have started to resemble mountains and so I started to hide the maps, quotes, letters, pictures, ticket stubs, etc. in drawers and folders trying to deny the existence of such a large quantity of crap. But it's not crap, that's why I hold onto all these things in the first place. I need to be reminded. I need to see these things. I need to know where to find the information quickly when that time comes. I keep telling myself I'm going to build the big ass archive, a scrapbook of sorts. But all the paper overwhelms me so I continue to file and hide.

the wall

I've resorted to a bulletin board format to document, inform, decorate, and organize. In a way it does a similar job to what a blog does, just in a physical space with all my tangible stuff. It may be the start of a new artform/craft. On top of pasting I've started to use plastic bags as pockets to store loose items I don't want to make permanent, but removable. It's like a small window into my world.

I put up things I want to hold onto (like the shells I picked up on the beach in Pusan and the package of crushed red peppers from Pizza Hut my mother gave to me that holds a story much funnier than the actual item). It holds important info--from business cards to addresses and urls. There are things I need to keep till later when I'll use them, like money from Thailand, stamps, and funny stickers. There are things I want to remember. There are maps and calendars. There are dreams I wrote down, there are quotes, there are articles that caught my eye, and notes from books I read.

I'm going to continue to work in this manner till I have to leave this apartment. Then I can simply roll them up, stick them in a tube, and take them with me. I'm already on sheet number two.

the wall

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