Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I was at the bus station and I had 4 minutes before my bus left. Though I didn't have to go, I had a terrible feeling that if I didn't go to the bathroom, I was going to have to go to the bathroom. I was expecting the worst. I thought it would smell terrible, or I'd have to wait in a long line, but it turned out to be alright.

Then I saw the foreigner toilet. They had one for kids, which I think is adorable, and then the foreigner toilet! I thought at first, okay maybe all of them are squatty toilets but this one is like a sitter. BUT that wasn't the case, they all were western style sit down toilets! Even the kiddy toilet.

I felt like I was looking at a WHITES ONLY sign next to a water fountain. For a moment, I considered stealing the sign. I realized it would have been a bit difficult and I didn't have any time to mess around. Thus, I settled for just taking a picture. I stepped outside my body, and saw myself taking a picture of a sign in a bathroom, and thought about how strange I must have looked. That's probably why they make separate toilets for my kind...

Maybe there's something here I'm not getting. Anyone out there got some insight on this one?


Rachel Lynn said...

Usually the "Foreigner" toilets are the sit-down potties instead of the squatters, I think.
You taking a picture in the washroom, I don't know. Did you also take a self-portrait at the same time?! Cos that I could understand.

Kushibo said...

Maybe, originally, this one was the only sit-down.

Or maybe this one is the one kept the most clean (foreigners being "guests" and everything).

Or maybe it's the only one with toilet paper in it!

This is a new one on me. I have seen foreigners-only bars in Itaewon, but not toilets.