Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A couple of years ago I found the absolute cutest umbrella in a stationary store right off of Washington Square Park. Petite, pink, perfect. What made it truly unique was the little switch that made the LEDs on the points blink. I had to have it.

This umbrella made rainy days something to look forward to. I've been really good about holding onto this one. Only once before was I so good about an umbrella. I had a hunter green golf umbrella for about 4 years throughout undergrad. I left it on the subway one day. I was devastated about my umbrella situation until I met the hot blinky lady.

Recently, I went to get my hair cut and when I got home I realized I had forgotten my umbrella somewhere, maybe at the salon. Actually, I wasn't exactly sure if I had left it there... but, I figured I had just lost it. I bought a new cute frosty white umbrella out of necessity one day at a convenience store and decided to just move on.

I was near the salon the other day so I popped in and just asked if by any chance I had left it there and they still had it. Well... THEY DID! After a whole month and a bit. That never happens. Can you believe it?! REUNITED with a cute umbrella!

Another note on umbrellas:
I was in the GSMart and happened to glance over to see a group of girls all "testing out umbrellas." They were opening them up fully, pulling them over their heads, and swirling them all over(a laSingin' in the Rain). They didn't seem to be concerned about the fatc that they were indoors, AT ALL.

I thought that maybe they were just a little silly, but then I saw it again and again at other places. Though I'm not superstitious, I wouldn't do that. I guess it's just not common for people (where I come from) to do--unless you're letting it drying out in the tub. The bathroom is an exception to the rule for some reason. I realized how silly I've been all these years not to open an umbrella indoors.

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Rachel Lynn said...

It's not superstitious at all, and of course the first time I saw Koreans doing it I felt so free! I open umbrellas alla time indoors now.