Friday, November 18, 2005

the joys of ESL (cont.)

Does the books are important for children?

The book is important for children. There is wise and many good ways inside the book. Read a book. we have a good brain and wise.

Book is have smart. All the book is have a energy to smart. but all the books are not. The comic books are instead bad.

Book is important for children besides the man. Many man said read a book to children. Man read a book to writting well and easy work in the company.

Book make language well. language is linking to book. If, read a book well. this people have language well. Apart study the language.

One day doesn't read a book. come out the spine inside the mouth lately People doesn't read the many books. Many people hardworking to read a book and become a smart!

The best part of this essay is, "One day doesn't read a book. come out the spine inside the mouth lately." WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!? I couldn't string together a list of random words like that if I tried. It's looking like this one has a future in writing English signs or slogans for notebooks and other products that could potentially be featured on


David Wellbaum said...

please be afraid.

Rachel Lynn said...

Who wrote this essay?!

misskoco said...

Well, I surely didn't write it. Let's just say it's by Jane.

Kushibo said...

I swear some of these are just put through the insta-translators.