Saturday, November 05, 2005

journals from the past

red brooklyn journal: truths and lies, but mostly unfortunate truths

I used to collect stamps. I'd daydream about discovering a stamp that was worth a considerable amount of money. I was also a girl scout for about 3 years. Until recently, these were the two most embarrassing/secretly fabulous nerdy pieces of my history that I adored. Now, I knit. I'm actually kinda good at it too.


I want to put you in my pocket

I want to have two of you for breakfast
(along with a scoop of ice cream on the side)

I want to play under covers
kiss you silently
tell you I love you always

I like you safe on my skin. close. inside.
you are special like newness

over and over like the day then night
but then night again

I adore the mornings with you there


There is a hum behind my thoughts. It's a faint organ echoing in a cathedral.


A massive gelatinous slug like shaped mound of goo dripped from her pussy and splattered on the floor at our feet. As I wiped a bit of warm ick from my ankle, I concluded that this was, by far, the most horrifying and simply the nastiest thing I'd ever experienced. At least since the time a girl went down on me and in the middle of it all I discovered I had gotten my period.


I had enough sangria and then I had another cocktail.
Enough meaning I lost count of how many because I was making conversation with strangers
then while waiting for the bathroom
I struck up a full discussion on the Bloomberg 2 to 1 bathroom ratio thing.
We delved into the depths of why women spend so much more time in the bathroom.
The conclusion was that women wash their hands.

I had so much fun last night I broke the send button on my cell phone. It cracked diagonally exposing the LED underneath. It was the sacrifice I had to give up to the gods of the party. Thou haveth too much fun and you must giveth away a piece of thyself... or rather thy cell phone.

Summer in New York is meant for being a sloppy mess in the streets.


At the foot of the bridge
in the back of a cab
I remember where I used to live
where I once played
and the past hopes for my current existence
Whimpering another unconvincing pep talk
slow then fast
I lost track of where I chose my path
and where fate took over

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Anonymous said...

It seems that you sure do miss here..Well..believe me you haven't missed out on anything spectacular.

A guy in NJ