Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the questions

There are too many things to think about. My brain is bombarded with all these things to worry about and be conscious of. I can't focus. I'm all over place. Inside it sounds like: New Orleans, international politics (damn, that makes my brain hurt), past and present loves, my class of 7 over achieving 11 year old boys that torment me (the pee pee poo poo fart jokes are getting old really quickly), their future, my future, factory farming (maybe I should be a vegetarian), is that cellulite on my butt? is this just PMS? completely biochemical? is it the moon? I'm getting old. That's cool though, right? why won't those cats outside SHUT UP? focus. quiet your mind. QUIET! experiment with spirituality, explore identity, mess with sexuality and concepts of love. Why do I simultaneously enjoy and detest when my life plays like a bad Korean drama? stupid things I've said (I'm sorry, Mehdi not Medhi), simple things I should have said, silly things I shouldn't have done, things I should have read, things I shouldn't have forgotten...
and then I find myself pondering the really important questions:


I sat in front of the rice cooker, for probably forty minutes in total. I felt like a centenarian trying to program the clock on a VCR. First off it's all in Korean, so I pull out my dictionary trying to translate it all--which failed miserably. Then I figure I'd just try it. There are two settings one has a green light, the other has a red light. Fill the thingie with rice and water. Green means go, right? OK... why isn't it doing anything? Alright, nevermind. Plan B, eat cereal. Fast forward two days to attempt number two. I timidly call up Mr. Giles and ask for assistance. I'm feeling like a total moron. I don't know how to use a rice cooker. I'm doing really well, and it seems to be working, now I'm sitting there-- oh wait, by the way, I only have two outlets in my apartment so I end up plugging in the rice cooker in the bathroom, which is like a big shower that came with a toilet and a sink, to avoid having to move my refrigerator-- and then as the steam starts to rise I'm wondering how it knows to turn off.

Smart little gadget, you made me think of one little thing for just a brief amount of time instead of all the thousands of other thoughts all at once.


mehdi said...

oooh and I forgot, man we need pot in this country.

ur mind is racing just like mine,

but cheeel winstan...who cares, lifes a beach baby, lifes a beach.


Kurios1978 said...

Miss Koko,

I pissed myself laughing when I saw your posts...... Indeed, life in Korea (without knowing Korean myself, living in Korea) can be a little bit quirky.

Bless your dear soul for spotting the ancient love toys at Insadong...... I'll be on the lookout for those when I do visit again.

Shells Bells said...

Hey Miss Koco,

I hope you are doing well..did you cut your hair since I saw you?? it looked short and wonderful in your pics!! Anyway..perhaps we'll bump into each other at Soho sometime!